nävis and the watcher

Conituning the theme of comic characters here is a picture of Nävis from the series Wake (Sillage for those who speak French)

I really like how this one turned out though I started to hack at it a little in the leg area... so much so that her feet are too big and kinda spoil the forced perspective. Ah well c'est la vie!

Thanks hope you all approve!


G. said...

I've been meaning to dig into some European comics and have been looking for a place to start. Any suggestions?

Good job on getting a difficult pose to work so well. I'm jealous with envy!

keith said...

Thanks man, really proud of this one. Glad someone went back and took a look at it.

As for the European books. I really like the Wake series as I mentioned. Another good one is Skydoll There are others... I will have to look through and get back to you! Can't remember the names at the moment.