sketches, super heroes, and bums

Here are some new sketches from the past few weeks. A mash up page that ended up being less full than I though... mostly because once you scan images they suddenly seem far less good. Like back in the day when you would photocopy a mirror of it to see how bad it really was. Man I spent a lot of money at the print shop in Sheridan.

And the other two are "collections" of Batgirl and Catwoman. I have started this thing where I choose a hero and and try to draw a full sketchbook page of them. These two are the best drawings of each, for more info on what happened to the rest of the drawings see above.

I hope you approve and thanks as always for checking out the blog.

Oh and a few shout outs... thanks Danny for the new sketchbook, it's kick ass. And thanks to G Brown... now all I want to do is draw Rally Vincent all the time!


G. said...

I do what I can. Nice work as always, Keith. I lurv the hands on the jumping-away catwoman and nice QC cameo!

I've been on a rewatching/reading anime/manga that inspired me when I drew worse (college). Nostalgia and horror all in one!

keith said...

It seems like I am always drawing QC at some point in the day... I just like the characters!

Thanks for the kind words G!

Eric Henze said...

Cool poses!