The Hunger Games

Some sketches of the characters from the Hunger Games series. Great books, if you haven't read them I highly recommend you give them a go. Especially before or instead of the movie, it was pretty flat.

Hope you like them, be back soon with a few more finished renditions.


a little colour

Decided to try some digital colours again since I seem to avoid doing them as much as possible. Sketching is good but I should probably "finish" something every now and then! Not that any of these is close to being finished :/

Threw up both the colour and the tones. Personally I like the tonal one better but when I really think about it I don't like either!

And some head sketches just to round things off.

Thanks for looking!



Character idea that I sketched up of a Magi and her spirit companion. I had started to tidy up the lines and then got distracted. Once I came back to the drawing I started seeing too many things "wrong" so didn't go any further.

I have been reading a lot of Ben Caldwell's books and it has given me a new life with my drawings! I find that I am considering more of what things are for and why they should be there (telling a story) and simplifying shapes, straights and curves a lot more. It's made drawing fun again and hopefully I have managed to pass the plateau I was stuck on!

Hope you agree and thanks for checking out the blog!


nävis and the watcher

Conituning the theme of comic characters here is a picture of Nävis from the series Wake (Sillage for those who speak French)

I really like how this one turned out though I started to hack at it a little in the leg area... so much so that her feet are too big and kinda spoil the forced perspective. Ah well c'est la vie!

Thanks hope you all approve!


sketches, super heroes, and bums

Here are some new sketches from the past few weeks. A mash up page that ended up being less full than I though... mostly because once you scan images they suddenly seem far less good. Like back in the day when you would photocopy a mirror of it to see how bad it really was. Man I spent a lot of money at the print shop in Sheridan.

And the other two are "collections" of Batgirl and Catwoman. I have started this thing where I choose a hero and and try to draw a full sketchbook page of them. These two are the best drawings of each, for more info on what happened to the rest of the drawings see above.

I hope you approve and thanks as always for checking out the blog.

Oh and a few shout outs... thanks Danny for the new sketchbook, it's kick ass. And thanks to G Brown... now all I want to do is draw Rally Vincent all the time!


business cards!

Well sort of...

I have been going through a bunch of roughs for some business cards and decided on two designs. Did a really rough mock up of them to see what people liked?!? Apologies to my graphic designer friends, please look away :P

 This is the vertical card design, this one would be the most involved and would require colour I think to make it really stand out.

And here is the horizontal design... needs some sprucing up as well but hopefully you get the idea. This one definitely would be less time consuming to finalize!

Please let me know which one you prefer or any advice/critiques are also welcome!

Thanks for checking out the blog :)



Just a sketch for today that I like and wanted to share!

Thanks for stopping by!