Character idea that I sketched up of a Magi and her spirit companion. I had started to tidy up the lines and then got distracted. Once I came back to the drawing I started seeing too many things "wrong" so didn't go any further.

I have been reading a lot of Ben Caldwell's books and it has given me a new life with my drawings! I find that I am considering more of what things are for and why they should be there (telling a story) and simplifying shapes, straights and curves a lot more. It's made drawing fun again and hopefully I have managed to pass the plateau I was stuck on!

Hope you agree and thanks for checking out the blog!


G. said...

Definitely feeling the Caldwell in this one! I've been meaning to grab some of his books - I've got loads of his stuff in my inspiration folder from the Drawing Board.

You magi's got a certain Raven from TT crossed with Morrigan from DA going on. An effective, if unsettling combination!

keith said...

G! I never did respond to this comment and it was such a good one. My apologies.

Thanks as always for the kind words and for the awkward thought of Raven and Morrigan combined!