test this *now with sprite animation*

Some pieces that I did for an application to a games studio:
A few months ago I was applying to a studio in Montreal for a designer position and they had me do a test... that took a week. Crazy but I did it and surprisingly it wasn't enough time to complete totally! There were three stages to complete: a GUI design, a character design, and a sprite animation.

It's been long enough I think that I could post some of the art I did for it (I didn't get the job if you are wondering). Some of you may remember the post I had for the Pirate some time ago. She was part of the test and I think the best piece I did for it. I have a bunch of sketches that I did for the character that are in the pile of things to be scanned. So they should appear here some time soon :)

Hope you like and thanks for checking in!


G. said...

I really like the rough poses - the 3/4 turned away from us is my fav. Did you build that whole 16 bit sprite scene??? That lil' Leonides would look hilarious swinging his sword about Castle Crashers style!

keith said...

Hey G! I agree the 3/4 back pose was definitely the strongest but I had some good reference for the pose I went with and time was short... as always.

I did animate the sprite! I uploaded it but apparently blogger doesn't like .swf's so I will export a loop in quicktime and post it tonight!

Thanks bro!