questionable colours

While talking to my good friend Dave Truc he gave me grief for not posting anything recently. So I took this to heart and spent the last two lunch breaks coming up with some colours for the Questionable Content fan art I sketched a while back.

There are a few homages in there notably for the Canucks (here's hoping they can make up for that terrible game 3!) and another great webcomic Menage a 3 by Giz (warning NSFW!).

This was done entirely in Flash from roughs to colours and while it was fast and fun to do somehow it annoys me too... why I honestly can't say. I considered adding some filters in Photoshop but liked the look of it. It seemed closer to Jeph Jacques' style even though he uses PS!

Hope you like it!


G. said...

Classic Keith nose on Dora! Nice work man.

keith said...

Thanks G!

Glad you liked the nose, I have been trying to stick with how I draw/solve and not be too influenced by others... you know make it my own.