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Typically I am the last person to a party but for once I am on top of a "trending" topic! In this case the lovely young lady that is the spokesperson for T-Mobile. Her name is Carly Foulkes and after hearing people raving about her (I don't have cable you see) I looked her up on Google and decided right away to draw a picture of her in her almost as famous dress.

Along the way I decided to challenge myself again to do some digital colours and I think they turned out quite well. I have to give credit to an artist I have admired for a long time who posted a step by step for his approach to digital colours of this style. His name is Xavier Ramonède and you can check out his killer blog here:

So here are the drawings! Sketch was done in Flash, clean up in Sketchbook Pro and coloured in Photoshop.

Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope you like the drawings!

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