lookin sideways

A doodle that turned into a sketch that almost got finished. Hope you find it interesting.

If anyone can guess the inspiration then you win a super prize!

*hint search kids, its the one with 33 million views


G. said...

Am I only supposed to take what I need from him?

Nice sketch!

keith said...

Haha! Awesome G, did you search for it or did you know from the sketch.

Just watched the video for the millionth time but I never realized that she has black paint down her neck... I'll have to update the drawing.

Thanks G

keith said...

Oops for those who don't know what we're talking 'bout:


G. said...

I knew from your sketch - A year ago or so there was a 'making-of' x16 speed video cap of the animators for Castle Crashers working away. One of the vids had 'Kids' playing in the background. It got stuck in my head that I went looking around for it on YouTube [not a few of those times watched are mine].