get set!

Back when I first started at Pork & Beans the first project I worked on was called Get Set! It still ranks near the top of my favourite shows that I have worked on. I don't think anyone will have actually seen it as it was created for a US school board. You know those videos (films on reel for me) that you would watch in social studies that were intended to teach kids life lessons. Yep that's what they were.

There were quite a few sequences that I worked on either as animator or as a posing artist but I don't have copies of them. Really wish I did. Any that I do have I will be sure to post here though!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Yet another amazing build that Peter Parker did. Haha.

keith said...

I think Peter may have had something to do with this one. I was always proud of the fact I managed to have her cross her arms!